Consultancy and Risk Management


Artus Group offers a wide range of security consultancy services. If you require security advice or looking for recommendations in relation to implementing or improving security requirements, Artus Group can assist clients with specific security consultancy services to suit their requirements.

Security consultancy services we offer:

  • Security advice or recommendations, implementing new or improved security measures or requirements
  • The creation and implementation of standard operating policies and procedures (SOP) for any business or purpose
  • Creation of Alcohol management plans (AMP)
  • Loss prevention policy and procedures

Within the security industry Artus Group can offer assistance and advise in areas as:

  • Recruitment
  • Client relationships
  • Onsite training and staff development
  • Creation of site specific standard operating procedures (SOP)
  • Site management


Risk assessments are essential tools to reduce possible risks or hazards. A risk assessment created in advance allows all possible risks and hazards to be identified prior to the event, situation or action. Information compiled​ can be discussed by all parties involved ensuring all persons can operate under the same processes, procedures or policy thus ensuring a safer environment for all.

We can create specific risk assessments for any event, environment, situation or action.