The role of security concierge – The benefits of having a receptionist with security knowledge ensuring the safety and security of your staff and work environment.

In News by Elton Rangi

The role of security concierge requires skill sets comprising of security knowledge and reception-based skills as a first point of entry presence to meet and greet staff and visitors in a building or office environment. Security concierge personnel are often required to manage security or safety situations as preventing unauthorised access to ensuring the safety of staff and visitors on site.

The ability to use and understand the workings of computer systems as visitor Information systems, monitoring building management and access control systems along with monitoring CCTV systems ensures a safe and secure working environment.

Artus Group ensures security concierge personnel have the skill sets required to answer phones as a first point of external or internal communication along with skills in sending emails as a more convenient method to communicate with staff, vendors or the public in relation to business enquiries.

A simple good morning or good afternoon on arrival sets the tone to ensure staff and visitors feel welcomed providing a level of professional service and courtesy on arrival.

Artus Groups founder Elton Rangi has set the level and standards of service based on his background, knowledge and experience as a concierge within corporate office environments and hotel accommodation sectors.

Feel free to contact Artus Group to enquire about our security concierge services and personnel.