Operating within

The New Normal

Artus Group has adapted to operating within NEW NORMAL environments

We are now entering a NEW NORMAL under the governments COVID-19 Protection Framework, known as the traffic light system. That NORMAL for us, was something we experienced when Artus Group and its personnel were deployed within MIQ facilities, in that unique and challenging work environment. Instead of placing that knowledge and experience gained over that period of time to one side, we believe we can offer our knowledge and experience to clients, to enable event venues to operate under a NEW NORMAL process efficiently, ensuring staff and guests remain safe.
What we can offer you
Electronic sign-in/contact tracing platform.

Ensure guest contact tracing information is captured as an effective infection prevention control measure to reduce cross-contamination.


Infection prevention control (IPC) guidance.
Offering guidance to enable staff, guests and event environment to remain safe via effective IPC measures to reduce risks in relation to COVID-19.
A presence.
A security presence, comprising IPC knowledge and skill sets to effectively communicate and manage adherence to recommendations in relation to mask wearing, physical distancing and proof of vaccination requirements via knowledge and an educational approach.

Contact us for more information on how we can assist you under the traffic light system to ensure your staff and guests remain safe within NEW NORMAL environments.