A Safe and Secure Presence

In News by Elton Rangi

Artus Group’s core foundation is to ensure the people we are entrusted to keep safe and secure feel comfortable and at ease with our security presence. We do this via a two-step process.

First step:

This starts with the basic principle of our appearance and how we appear as Artus Group personnel in terms of being professional and approachable. A verbally engaging manner allows Artus Group personnel to be presented and viewed as more than a security guard, but a person whose job is, that of a security guard.

This approach leads to the people we are entrusted to keep safe and secure, to feel at ease and comfortable with our security presence, allowing for an additional control to be in place, reducing any risks or harm to all involved including Artus Group security personnel.

Second step:

Artus Group ensures deployed security personnel are suited to the specific security role and environment, have the required security classes and conditions on each individuals Certificate of Approval (COA) license, training and operational support via operational management deployment or site plans, to ensure all Artus Group security personnel deployed operate under the same process, policy and procedures.

Artus Group avoids the general philosophy of standard security companies dispatching security personnel with a uniform and high viz vest to stand static and to not verbally engage with the people security personnel are entrusted to keep safe and secure.

This approach can see security personnel become nonexistent only present wearing a uniform or high viz vest, lacking the required training for the security role and deployed environment, without deployment or site knowledge.

Combining the two-steps allows Artus Group to create a safe presence, feeling and trust amongst the people Artus Group are entrusted to keep safe and secure.