Foundation Artus Groups foundation is to ensure guests are provided with a safe and secure environment while undertaking event security services. We ensure guests are welcomed in a friendly and inviting manner monitoring persons and activity allowing for all to enjoy the celebration, social occasion or event. With a focus on assisting clients with alcohol management via observing and monitoring activity through a different set of eyes, allows Artus group event security personnel to offer
Staff Christmas parties or socialising at bars and nightclubs during the festive season give people a chance to get together, socialise and have fun. Where alcohol and other drugs come into the mix, risky behaviour becomes more likely. This means things like:  Drinking too much alcohol (sometimes called binge drinking)  Consumption of illegal substances (drugs)  Wanting to drive after drinking  Embarrassing oneself Plan ahead to party safely If you’re going partying,

Artus Group Concierge and Reception Desk Personnel.

Posted by Elton Rangi on  September 18, 2019
Category: News
The role of concierge/reception desk personnel requires skill sets comprising of reception-based skills and security knowledge as a first point of contact presence to meet and greet staff and visitors in a building or office environment. Concierge/reception desk personnel are a first point of contact presence upon staff and visitor arrival, managing potential safety and security situations as unauthorised access to ensuring the safety of staff and visitors on site. Artus Group ensures concierge/reception desk
Recently Artus Group founder Elton Rangi, was quoted in the New Zealand Herald, in relation to invasive personal contact searches, security personnel were conducting, on students entering a school ball event. It’s important that security personnel understand, conducting an invasive search in this manner is not recommended. Security guards have no more powers than any other normal person. It’s common, that security guards working in the areas of loss prevention or providing a presence
One of the core roles of security personnel is to engage, interact and communicate with staff, visitors and members of the public in relation to information and or directives. Artus Group’s focus is to ensure our security personnel are noted as being present via verbal engagement, interaction and communication providing information and directives to staff, visitors and members of the public. A simple good morning, an acknowledgement and interaction between security personnel, staff, visitors and