A Different Approach and Presence – Artus Group Event Security Personnel.


Artus Groups foundation is to ensure guests are provided with a safe and secure environment while undertaking event security services. We ensure guests are welcomed in a friendly and inviting manner monitoring persons and activity allowing for all to enjoy the celebration, social occasion or event.

With a focus on assisting clients with alcohol management via observing and monitoring activity through a different set of eyes, allows Artus group event security personnel to offer advice on controlling consumption, changing the event dynamics, and the event atmosphere creating a process to ensure guests enjoy the celebration safely.

Crowd Controller (CC)

The class of crowd controller was established Under the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010. The general meaning and duties of a crowd controller is to screen persons on entry to a licensed premise, keeping order in an environment or place and removing any person from a place or environment. In most cases, the role and duties of a crowd controller are often utilised on a licenced premise or an environment where liquor is being sold or consumed. A crowd controller role and duties can also be utilised to keep order and control in large gatherings of people providing a safe and secure controlled environment.


We work with clients to provided first point of entry personnel with knowledge of an event and venue to assist guests with information or enquires in relation to the event, its context, and the occasion along with providing specific information in relation to the venue, its internal layout or FAQs.

On arrival first point of entry, personnel can use this information to welcome and engage guests providing an inviting presence and first impression on entry.