Hotel Safety and Security

Artus Group has created specific security services and roles to suit the hotel accommodation sector. We have made it our business to make hotel guests feel welcome, safe, and secure. Our safety and security personnel understand the importance of engaging and interacting with guests or visitors to ensure they receive additional support in relation to assistance or guidance in relation to a hotel environment.

We seek to make certain that each guest or visitor has a safe, enjoyable and overwhelmingly positive experience whether it be their stay, hosting or attending a conference or an event.

A hotel environment can be active and busy from, occupancy, to visiting VIPs, to hosting conferences and events. Each has the potential to develop specific risks or threats to the safety and security of guests, visitors or the environment.

Our services include the following:

An onsite safety and security presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Monitoring, identifying and mitigating safety concerns, security risks or threats within a hotel environment

An engaging and interacting approach to customer service

Creation of security, emergency response and egress plans for VIP guests or conference attendees due to identified or unidentified risks or threats

Event security teams, personnel, and security planning specific to event requirements as weddings, conferences, celebrations, school balls, and similar events

Real-time onsite risk management assessments, with the ability to adapt safety and security requirements for any and all situations