Artus Group's contingent of investigators have over 15 years' experience in all facets of the investigation industry and have served in the New Zealand Police. We engage in traditional and emerging forms of investigative solutions that are specific to the role and client requirements.

With confidentiality in mind Artus Group will ensure clients receive a high level of professionalism including a consultation with our team to clarify the purpose, process and outcome.

What we can offer

Background checks/employment screening: The process of gaining information about an employee, candidate, or other persons of interest personal, educational, and their criminal background

Service of documents: Handling of all legal documents nationally, locating, affidavits of service and providing debt collection services

Surveillance: is the practice of monitoring and observing a person, a physical location or a vehicle and documenting those observations.

Artus Group as a licensed repossession agent acts on behalf of finance companies looking to assist in the recovery of arrears relating to vehicles and other high value assets. Using skip tracing methods along with agent field visits, we will attempt to make a payment arrangement with the subject. An additional process of arranging for the asset to be recovered in the form of a repossession can be implemented with pre-planning and field visits to ensure a swift and easy outcome.