Regulatory training combined with experience and guidance.

It’s become apparent even after security personnel have obtained a Certificate of Approval (COA) and must within a 3 month period complete regulatory training, the basic fundamentals are not being passed onto security personnel new to the security industry via training, pre-deployment or onsite guidance.

The lack of guidance offered to new security personnel by some security providers along with experience either via operational management or onsite experience has seen the fundamental basics of the security industry no longer being passed onto new security personnel.

Basis as:

  • Appearance (uniform standards)
  • Wearing and displaying your Certificate of Approval
  • Professional conduct
  • The importance and need to communicate
  • Not wearing earphones while on duty (need to be alert at all times including via your hearing)
  • Being alert and attentive
  • Not using your mobile phone consistently


The lack of guidance via experienced operational management or onsite supervision has also seen new security personnel offered no support-based on the knowledge and experience of those people in these positions.

Having an experienced operational manager or supervisor, who has deployment or site knowledge can help new security personnel learn the fundamentals of the security industry via support to help develop the knowledge required to make security personnel comfortable with their role and the duties they undertake.