Requirement to wear identification badge – Your Certificate of Approval (COA).

It’s important that licensed security personnel and security providers understand the requirement to wear and display your Certificate of Approval (COA) at all times during the course of performing his or her duties as a responsible employee as per section 67 – Requirement to wear identification badge under The Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010.

We have noticed a number of security personnel not displaying any identification badges (their Certificate of Approval) while undertaking their duties as security personnel.

Under subsection (4).

Despite subsections (1) and (2), no licensee or certificate holder is required to wear an identification badge if the licensee or certificate holder reasonably believes that wearing it would threaten his or her safety or the safety of any person.

We would suggest retail security personnel, property guards, static guards, or doorman during the course of their duties, their security roles would not be under threat, that places their safety at risk, via not visibly displaying their Certificate of Approval (COA).

Given the large increase in security providers wearing uniforms and high visibility vests with no company branding nor identification of being security personnel – there are no excuses for not displaying your COA while on duty.

Trust is important, more so when we are entrusted to ensure people remain safe and property remains secured, when dealing with clients and more importantly the public at large.