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Event Security Personnel – What We Are Observing and Monitoring

In News by Elton Rangi

Artus Group provides event security services and personnel for the Rydges Hotel summer rooftop series events. We choose the most recent event to place a GoPro on one of our event personnel to give you an understanding on what we (Event security personnel) are thinking, monitoring and observing to ensure a safe event environment for all.

In this short clip we will point out many things we are looking for as we provided and maintain a presence to ensure guests are safe within an event environment.

  • Event security personnel relocated (Moved) to an area were a presence would be noted by guests making them feel safe and approachable, allowing for any concerns or issues to be raised.
  • Event security personnel scanning a sector (Area of the venue observing activity as:
    Signs of intoxication
  • Safe personal space while in a confined area
  • Gathering a feeling on the vibe and the atmosphere
  • Looking for changes in weather and outside environment
  • Engaging and Interacting with guests providing them with a safe feeling and comfortable with our presence

These are just a few things that are running through our thoughts, so guests can enjoy the event while being provided with a safe environment.