The Importance of Engagement, Interaction and Communication.

In News by Elton Rangi

One of the core roles of security personnel is to engage, interact and communicate with staff, visitors and members of the public in relation to information and or directives.

Artus Group’s focus is to ensure our security personnel are noted as being present via verbal engagement, interaction and communication providing information and directives to staff, visitors and members of the public.

A simple good morning, an acknowledgement and interaction between security personnel, staff, visitors and members of the public provides a feeling of being at ease, comfortable, safe and secure with a security presence on hand.

This process allows Artus Group security personnel to be front and centre in terms of a safety and security presence, compared to a non-existent security presence, of a security guard not engaging, interacting and communicating being overlooked and ignored.

This can lead to staff, visitors and members of the people feeling uncomfortable and unsafe due to a perception that the security guards are not doing their jobs, and are to be ignored, with the presence of security guards being disregarded or being treated as insignificant.

Artus Group’s core foundations are based on “A safe and secure presence”.