Security Consultancy Services

Posted by Elton Rangi on  July 31, 2018
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Artus Group provides a range of security consultancy services to suit specific sites, policy or procedural requirements for businesses or organisations looking to minimise security risks, comply with regulatory compliance and or mitigate health and safety concerns. Case studies: Alcohol management – Artus Group was approached to assist a client in relation to applying for a special licence to sell and supply alcohol for a fashion show event that was being organised by a fashion
The role of security concierge requires skill sets comprising of security knowledge and reception-based skills as a first point of entry presence to meet and greet staff and visitors in a building or office environment. Security concierge personnel are often required to manage security or safety situations as preventing unauthorised access to ensuring the safety of staff and visitors on site. The ability to use and understand the workings of computer systems as visitor Information
As a first step in planning your event it’s important to think about: Numbers attending (estimation of people attending) Invited guests Guests who bring uninvited plus 1’s etc. Uninvited guests Is the size & type of venue large enough to cater towards numbers expected to attend the event to ensure overcrowding does not occur Does the size & type of venue or area mean people are going to gain access via multiple entry points? Ask
Here are some tips to ensure you stay safe while exercising or heading out for a walk in the early mornings or late evenings. Environment: • Plan to run or walk a route that you are familiar with. • Ensure the route has street or building lighting that is active in the mornings or at night to ensure you are visible and to allow yourself to have good visibility of what is happening around you Artus Group provides event security services and personnel for the Rydges Hotel summer rooftop series events. We choose the most recent event to place a GoPro on one of our event personnel to give you an understanding on what we (Event security personnel) are thinking, monitoring and observing to ensure a safe event environment for all. In this short clip we will point out many things we are looking for as we provided and