Requirement to wear identification badge – Your Certificate of Approval (COA).

It’s important that licensed security personnel and security providers understand the requirement to wear and display your Certificate of Approval (COA) at all times during the course of performing his or her duties as a responsible employee as per section 67 – Requirement to wear identification badge under The Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act 2010. We have noticed a number of security personnel not displaying any identification badges (their Certificate of Approval) while …

A Safe and Secure Presence

The key attributes to providing a security presence. Observe. Monitor. Assess the situation. The ability to adapt if the situation or environment changes. Verbal engagement and communication. Approachable (personal manner and appearance). Helpful. The ability to de-escalate and manage any situation. Knowledge. Composure. Being able to manage any situation, allowing others to feel at ease with your presence, you have the situation under control and have their best interests in mind while undertaking your duties.

Due Diligence – Regulatory Obligations.

An important first step in engaging a security provider is to carry out due diligence around business governance and regulatory obligations. It terms of regulatory obligations, its a very simple process via the PSPLA (Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority) via a public register. Information held in the public register lists whether a company or person holds a Company Security Licence or Certificate of Approval (COA). The register also notes, if licences have expired, if regulatory …

Regulatory training combined with experience and guidance.

It’s become apparent even after security personnel have obtained a Certificate of Approval (COA) and must within a 3 month period complete regulatory training, the basic fundamentals are not being passed onto security personnel new to the security industry via training, pre-deployment or onsite guidance. The lack of guidance offered to new security personnel by some security providers along with experience either via operational management or onsite experience has seen the fundamental basics of the …

A New Look

A new look to ensure managed isolation guests feel at ease when engaging with Artus Group safety and security personnel. Under certain circumstances appearing as a corrections officer or security guard can make people hesitant to engage, seek assistance, or feel reassured. Being approachable and having an understanding of the situation at hand is the first step in the process of de-escalation if suffering from anxiety and stress.